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Recent Projects list

1 Modular Plastic Belt Conveyor (Shower Line) Hyundai Motor
2 A2 Line Overhead Conveyor Extension Hyundai Motor
3 A5 Shower test Conveyor Hyundai Motor
4 Engine Shop TM #1 ASRS Input Conveyor Hyundai Motor
5 Assembly Line – Roller Bed Conveyor Hyundai Motor India
6 ED Oven Fabrication Hyundai Motor India
7 Truck Conveyor Mobis India
8 EMS Rail conveyor Hyundai Motor India
9 Roller seat Conveyor (100Dia x 40L & 300Dia x 80L) Mobis India
10 Chain Track Conveyor Chain Track Conveyor
11 Trough Belt Conveyor 800mm Belt Width Throughput Of 100TPH DR Enterprises
12 Shower Test Line Conveyor – B Hyundai Motor
13 Bucket Elevator conveyor DR Enterprises
14 Cockpit Conveyor Mobis India
15 Belt Conveyor 10M DR Enterprises
16 Downhill Track Assembly Hyundai Motor India
17 Two Post Lifter Mobis India
18 Racks – SS type Mobis India
19 EMS Rail with Busbar Hyundai Motor
20 PT Entry Drop Lifter Hyundai Motor
21 Material – Tire Feeding Conveyor Hyundai Motor
22 Belt Conveyor (15 M) DR Enterprises
23 Material Feeding Conveyor Mobis India
24 Utility Structure – Fabrication Services Mobis India
25 Conveyor – B Shower test line Hyundai Motor
26 HA Seat Assy Conveyor Dymos Lear
27 Supply & Installation of Trough Carrier and Return Idler for Belt Conveyor DR Enterprises
28 Power Roller conveyor L& T chennai
29 Coolant Tank Fabrication Hanil Lear India
30 Free roller Conveyor Ford Motors India